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“I was so excited about my QHHT session with Bonnie and I was guided right! Bonnie is a fabulous person, very professional while being extremely approachable and comforting. You can tell she really and truly cares about her clients and loves the work she is doing! My session was amazing and more that I even expected. I had such vivid imagery and hearing myself talk in the 3rd person was wild! I received so much clarity to move me forward in my life. I wanted to include surrogate healing for my family member and my dog which Bonnie guided me through beautifully. After medical evaluation, my dog did not require any medication or surgery. I highly recommend her and this life changing experience” Carol G

“Bonnie is a sincere and a compassionate individual. She prepares thoroughly and is focused on giving the best session possible to her clients.” Marissa X


After my QHHT session on January 5, 2019, I was astonished to find that I had received a miracle healing! I am happy to tell you that my disabling condition has never returned since that day. It would be my honour to assist you in reaching your personal healing goals. The healing journey is very individual and may include more that just the physical. You can find out more about QHHT and Dolores Cannon who developed this life changing technique at www.qhttofficial.com


QHHT – As a Level 2 Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), I feel truly blessed to walk with my clients through their journey of self discovery and healing. A QHHT session is approximately 4 hours in length. The process includes a conversation to get to know a bit more about each other, a relaxation meditation, a hypnosis/past life regression and a post session review. QHHT sessions are currently $199 but if you are experiencing financial challenges in your life, I am happy to discuss a sliding scale if that would assist you. Please reach out to me for an initial consultation and to book your QHHT session.

REIKI – As a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer, I have developed meditative relaxation techniques incorporated with the Usui Reiki methods. Reiki Energy Healing is appoximately 60 minutes in length. This is an ancient and sacred energy practice which you will continue to feel the effects even after your session. Reiki and Intuitive Healing sessions are currently $60 but if you are experiencing financial challenges in your life, I am happy to discuss a sliding scale if that would assist you. Please reach out to me to book your Reiki and Intuitive Healing session.

Session are available in Kitchener and I also offer in home visits at this time if that is more convenient for you.

ARTISTIC CREATIONS – As an artist, I have been spending more time on my artistic creations which I will be posting here on my website very soon for your enjoyment and for purchase as well. I am currently working on impressionist flowers but also like to paint trees and nature. Some of my work will be on display in several locations in Toronto and I will announce this when all are ready for viewing and purchase. I am also getting ready for the Muskoka Chautauqua Art Festival which is held each year in northern Ontario. I sit on two committees and provide artistic as well as visionary contributions to this wonderful organization which supports the arts in all forms for more than 20 years. Here is my bio that will be included in the Muskoka Chautauqua Art Festival package along with the bios of the other Artists participating this year.Bonnie was awakened to nature as a young child spending summers by the lake. Exploring the world of trees, flowers and water she developed her impressionistic style of painting and abstract view of the world. Since retiring Bonnie has spent her time exploring many different aspects of an artistic life to bring joy and enlightenment. Following this path has brought her to a conscious awareness of traditional techniques for energy healing, yoga and a passion for making the world a better place.If you have any questions about my art or the Muskoka Chautauqua, please feel free to contact me.

WORKSHOPS – I am very excited to be collaborating and also developing workshops for all ages. This is something I hope to offer in the coming Fall season. Workshops will be available in various formats and locations. I would be thrilled to discuss any ideas you wish to see as offerings and I am happy to meet with you at your convenience.

You can reach me at divineyourway@protonmail.com

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